Monday, October 4, 2010

Relation between natural resources and man

There is a close relationship between man and the environment. Man gets his livelihood by using various mean and natural resources found in the environment. They use means and resources found in the environment. They use means and resources found in the environment according to their need. With the increase in the number of population, the use of means and resources also increases. If man misuse natural resources, the environment gets destroyed. Thus, the balance between population and the environment is also disturbed. It is difficult for the creatures and natural vegetating to survive under such disturbed environment. Various problems such as pollution, soil erosion, landslide are seen due to degradation in the environment. As a result, natural calamities such as floods, landslides, excessive rain, drought, etc. increase. The environment is polluted due to wrong activities of man various kinds of diseases harm man and other creatures and make his life difficult.
Clean environment is necessary for healthy life. Man can destroy or protect the environment. Man should not misuse the things of the environment. Proper use of the natural resources helps to protect the environment. The large population uses more of the things of environment. To make proper use of the environment, size of the population should be limited. The activities of man have various effects on the environment. Therefore, man should act in such a way that there may not be any adverse effect on the environment. Thus, it will avoid the degradation in the environment. To protect the environment means to keep the balance between man, natural resources and the environment. The rapid growth of population is to be checked to avoid the uncontrolled use of natural resources. Protection of the environment is possible by making proper use of the natural resources.

i)Air and man:
Air is an important factor which protects the life of man. Man can survive only for a minutes without air. He takes breath for 22000 times in normal condition and gets 16 kg oxygen which he receives from atmosphere. The atmosphere has unlimited deposit of oxygen. The sir normally helps survival of man. Beside, freshness of the air is also necessary with which man can live a healthy life. Thus, air is a very important factor among the natural resources. If nitrogen, carbon dioxide and methane are mixed in the air, it causes air pollution.

ii)Water and man:
Water, the free gift of nature, plays an important role to protect the creation in the universe. It plays the role of an important element. Water plays an important role in the human life. Water has big share in the structure of creatures. There is 65 percent water in human body. Water has important contribution in human activities. Water helps to keep the tissues, muscles and bond healthy. Water protects the important parts of the body like heart and brain. Besides it helps to keep contact among various parts of the body.

iii)Land and man:
Land is that part of the earth over which we live. Birds, animals, and other creatures live on land. Plants and vegetation develop on land. Besides, natural resources like minerals are found in land. Land is formed of solid, soil, rock and liquid materials in the shape of a ball. It occupies ¾ part of the earth and it is called lithosphere.
Soil is formed out of the broken grains of rock which is caused by physical, chemical and biological process. Thus, land is such a control point which keeps us safe, provides food and shelter, and gives fresh water to drink. It provides plants and trees to maintain balance in nature.

iv)Forest and man:
Forest is place for plants, trees and creatures. It is recognized as an important natural resources and on which the existence of man and animal is based. Forest protects and conserves important resources like water and soil. It checks the soil erosion and puts the fresh water inside the ground water. Besides, it makes the upper crust of the earth fertile. It checks the flood and protects land from being desert. It is the shelter of wild animals and birds. Forest provides timber, cane and bamboo for furniture. Besides, it collects the carbon dioxide and provides oxygen for human respiration. It helps to check the worlds temperature.

v)Minerals and man:
The things available free under the earth is called minerals, e.g. copper, iron, gold, tin, zinc, lead, magnetite, limestone, natural gas, marble, etc. minerals and man have close relationship. Man should be able to exploit these minerals and to make best use of them wisely t increase the national wealth. Minerals help in accelerating the economic development of the any country. The countries with abundant minerals are rich. Bus, truck, jeep, motor cycle, train, aero planes, helicopters and fighter planes etc are run by the petroleum goods which is found under the ground as mineral.


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