Friday, September 17, 2010

Effects of rapid population growth

Basic requirements of the people increase with the increasing population. Basic requirements of the people have to be supplied according to their needs. But the country has limited resources which cannot be increased. Therefore, it is difficult to supply needs and wants of all the people due to the limited resources and means. The growing population needs more fuel, timber, food, cloth and more facilities for education and health. The people over-exploit natural resources to their need s and wants. Over-exploitation of natural resources results in the environmental degradation. Society, culture, natural resources and economic development are affected by the growing population.

1)Environmental effects:
The environment of any area gets affected by size, composition and growth rate of population. There must be some balance between population growth and environment. The imbalance between them results in environmental degradation. Over population exist s there are more people than the available supplies of food, water and other important resources. The environmental effects includes deforestation, destruction of vegetation, adverse effect on marine life, effects on the terrestrial part of the whole earth surface, hampers all the living creature on the earth, air pollution occurs, water pollution occurs, quality of land falls, noise pollution, scarcity of mineral resources occurs, flood landslides and soil erosion takes place.

2)Social effects:
Social service is necessary to make the people healthy and educated. Only healthy people can work properly. Therefore, social service is required. Education , health treatment, sanitation, security etc. are included under the social service. These services are affected by the growing population.

3)Economic effects:
The rapid growth of the population adversely effect on the economic condition of the any country result it leads on lack of employment , scarcity of food grain and problems of proper housing may takes place.


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